About Us:  A Brief Bio

Iota Iota, or I-Deuce as we like to kall it, was chartered on June 3rd of 1978.  Our charter founders our Lonnie B. Harris, Charles Maxey, and Dr. William Gamble.  Although smaller in numbers when kompared to other chapters, I-Deuce is always producing kwality brothers.  Many have moved on to higher endeavors in education including masters programs, and doctoral degrees.  Some become engineers and a few have made it in their respective sport to play professionally.  Bottom line, I-Deuce is ALL about achievement.

Kappas also got SWAG.  Check out DeAndre Amos (Spring 2k7) twirl the kane for the kamera.  Somebody take a picture kuz we look SO good, its those sexy, sexy, NUPES in ya neighborhood!  Yo YOO!!!

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